Brochure: Managing Conflict of Interest

Brochure: Corruption Risk Management


ACC ACT 2011

ACC Annual Report 2010

The annual report is an appraisal on the anti-corruption policies and strategies, trends of corruption and its impact, challenges and opportunities and the performance of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and agencies (limited in the absence of any monitoring and evaluation system). It is a premise for fixing accountability on the ACC chairperson and heads of institutions and agencies for their failure or non-performance.

Annual Report (Dzongkha)

Annual Report (English)

ACC Annual Report 2009

This is the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) 3rd annual report to the Parliament and the 2nd report to the first Parliament. The objectives of the report are to (i) apprise the Parliament on the trends of corruption and its impact, challenges and opportunities, anticorruption policies and strategies and (ii) evaluate the performance of ACC in particular and agencies in general and fix accountability for failures or non-performance.

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National Anti-Corruption Strategy Framework

Bhutan has emerged as a peaceful, harmonious and a happy nation with Gross National Happiness (GNH) as her conscience, beacon for her overall development that places people’s voice and their well being at the core. With wise and compassionate leadership of our Monarchs, Bhutan prospered through the ages by responding to the changing needs of changing times. Today as we are on the threshold of a new era of history, we are called upon to respond to new trends to ensure that the nation will continue to survive and strengthen into the future.

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Integrity Assessment Report

Integrity Assessment, in general, is an assessment of whether, in an organization, a public official follows standard procedures in providing public services in a fair and transparent manner and that the services are not processed based on the personal propensity towards a special condition or inducement.

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Annual Bulletin 2007(2nd Issue)

There are only three things that I always keep in mind when I am working – three things that influence all decisions that I take. The first is the Peace, Security and Prosperity for Bhutan now and in the future. Second issue that I consider very important for our country’s future is the Achievement of the goals of Gross National Happiness. The third is Building a Vibrant Democracy for our country.

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An Apprasial Report


This report is only an appraisal of anti-corruption activities undertaken by the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission in close collaboration with agencies since its establishment on January 4,2006. We have attempted to make it comprehensive by taking stock of the government’s

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Annual Report 2006

Vision 2020 envisions Bhutan as a nation of peace, prosperity and happiness. Gross National Happiness is the conscience, the beacon for the Royal Government’s development policies and programme. It places people at the centre stage of all aspects of development and democracy vests sovereign power in the people. Bhutan, under the wise and caring leadership of her successive Druk Gyalpos indeed has witnessed unprecedented peace, prosperity and happiness.

Annual Report 2006 (Dzongkha)

Annual Report 2006 (English)