Corruption Prevention and Risk Management in Public Sector Organizations

The Chief Public Education Officer, A. Karma Rinzin and senior Research Officer Tshering Wangmo attended a 5 day workshop from 4th to 8th April, 2011 at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy, Kuala Lumpur, titled “Corruption Prevention and Risk Management in Public Sector Organizations.”

From the three pronged strategies adopted by anti-corruption agencies worldwide in order to reduce corruption, the workshop stressed on the philosophy that ‘prevention of corruption is better than cure’. The participants were made aware that although having punitive laws and effective law enforcement could control the extent of corruption, the best way of controlling corruption is to prevent it from occurring.

The workshop was conducted to provide participants with a range of new corruption prevention risk management techniques that would enhance integrity and promote new forms of accountability and transparency. The workshop aimed at exploring and using non-accusatory assessment and development process that can be applied to public sector organizations. In addition, members also had to design, develop and install new strategies. The workshop involved group practical work including applied learning through a program project.

The importance of public education was also emphasized for there can be no real victory in the fight against corruption unless there are changes of attitude throughout the community. Education should include noble, moral and ethical values so as to create a sense of abhorrence and intolerance towards corruption.

As a follow up of their participation, the officers will enrich the corruption risk management (CRM) tool and other relevant corruption prevention instruments used by the Commission.