"If You Care, You Will Dare"


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Announcement - Selection Result of Campus Recruitment

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World Bank wants to stop anonymous firms winning contracts

WASHINGTON: The World Bank wants all corporate bidders on bank-funded projects to publicly reveal their true owners as a way of tackling fraud and cronyism in government contracts, a senior official said.

From corruption research to effective anti-corruption action: The role of think tanks

Corruption kills, and ineffective anti-corruption programming fails to save lives. Despite the importance of getting it right, there is often a tragic disconnect between academic thinking on corruption, empirical research and aid industry action on the ground.

Leaked document: World Bank rife with 'fear and retaliation'

Many World Bank Group employees complain the bank’s managers are shutting down internal debate and ruling by fear, according to a confidential document obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and The Huffington Post.

Bhutan Private Sector Integrity Program

A credible private sector is equally important as the public sector for a vibrant economy.

Anti-corruption brew in Thailand — UNDP opens first “Refuse To Be Corrupt” café for Thai youth

Thailand’s first Thai Youth Anti-Corruption Network “Refuse To Be Corrupt” café opened on 8 June 2015 at Ubon Ratchanthani University in the northeast of Thailand.

Engaging the local leaders

Upon the invitation from the Department of Local Governance (DLG), a team of two led by the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (the Commission) attended the 8th biennial DT & GT Chairperson’s conference scheduled on 17th and 21st June, 20


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